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Our Pearlridge location is open for business.
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    Items with the description "Pre-order" are not in stock, but you can reserve yours by placing an order and paying for it first. As soon as the item arrives at our warehouse, we will ship out the reserved orders first in the order received. Pre-ordering allows you to reserve items before they arrive so you can get the items that you really want. Pre-order special pricing is only available for a limited time. So don't wait. Get your orders in today only at MiniQ.

    By placing any pre-order items. You agreed to the terms below.

    *Pre-order special price, availability, and release date may subject to change once the pre-order is closed. The pre-order price you paid for and a place for the item that you pre-ordered are GUARENTEED as long as the pre-order is place before it's closed.

    *It is the buyer responsibility to provide accurate shipping details. If there is changes or shipping confirmation that needs to be made. Is it the buyer responsibility to notify us in advance before the order is shipped out.

    *Due to inventory and subject agreement. All pre-orders placed can not be cancel. Thank you for your understanding.