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    Plamo = "Plastic Models" or commonly refers to hobby plastic modeling. Typically out-of-the-box requires no glue to assemble. Most of the injection molded runners (spruce) are even colored! So they'll look great and fun to enjoy without having to paint. But we do suggest simply touching up with panel lining to achieve better detail with just a little effort to do so. The difference is night and day. 

    Our "Plamo-Workshop" is open every Saturday (11am to 7pm) to everyone who enjoys building or just trying something new! We have a large open area in our store dedicated for the workshop event. Cleaned tables and chairs are setup, our staff is always there when you needed help or advise to your model building so feel free to ask us! Occasionally, we have build sessions, promotion and sample showings during our workshop too. We welcome you all to join our community and share your enthusiasm of Plamo!